GPS Systems That Leverage Social Communications

GPS Dash

Look at you … social networking and you don’t even know it. No, I don’t mean Facebook. I am talking about the soon-to-be-released “Dash Express” from Dash Navigation of San Francisco. This new in-car navigation device moves the game in a totally new and exciting direction. By remaining continuously connected to the internet, the device can provide real time two way telemetry as well as real time search capability through Yahoo search. What cool isn’t just how it’s connected but what it does with the information.

Because of its continuous connected state, the device can measure “real” traffic speed on any road and use the data from other “connected” Dash devices to create a picture of what’s going on on the ground. Through this aggregated information, you probably get the most comprehensive view of your destination path. For those worried that you are being followed, all this information sharing it totally anonymous. A single command and the device is wiped clean of its history.

While still in a beta phase, a small army of testers have been out there putting the device through its paces and populating the database with information. Look for the device to hit the stores early next year and look to take a hit of about $600.00 for each. Sorry no multi-car discounts at this time.