Are They Sirius?

ondasNope! They’re ONDAS Media and the latest to hit the satellite radio universe. The catch is you need to be cruisin’ the Autobahn or rollin’ your drop top around Mar Bella to get it. It’s ONDAS Media’s European foray into satellite-based radio bringing together ONDAS Media and Nissan Europe.

The devices are not installed yet but hopes are that with a diverse array of content, continues coverage and killer sound the Europeans will be all over it. The ONDAS group is already deep into the development phase of the radios. These in-vehicle systems are touted as being the most advanced and capable of receiving hundreds of channels of audio and a suite of data services. Upon signing of the agreement, ONDAS will reach the one million mark for pre-sold factory-installed satellite radios. All this is done with the hopes of bringing Europe unique content on a reliable, leading-edge platform by 2011.

Upon its integration, digital satellite transmission network, ONDAS will provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week digital entertainment in all key European markets and languages to some 240 million vehicles and up to 600 million European inhabitants on the move.

It will be interesting to see how well this is adopted and leveraged. With the high cost of operating a vehicle in Europe, adding monthly fee to listen to radio may be a tough sell. Then again, maybe it’s what they need to forget.