FamilyMap is an opportunity for brands

AT&T Family MapFor those of following the IPGLAB on Twitter, you likely saw the Tweet announcing AT&T and their child locater offering.  Called FamilyMap, this new tool offers to locate a family member’s phone via web browser on a PC or mobile device. The service enables users to see details such as location on a map and surrounding landmarks like schools and parks. Users can also toggle between satellite and interactive street maps for an option that best fits their viewing needs. Families can customize their mapping experience by assigning a name and photo to each device within their account, and can also label places they visit frequently, like “Home” or “Soccer Field.”
Cell phone-based child tracking is not unique to AT&T —Wavemarket powers the service for other wireless operators including Sprint, Alltel, kajeet (a U.S.-based MVNO), MTS Allstream (Canada) and Vivo (Brazil). However, this could be a great opportunity for Betty Crocker, Carl’s Jr., or Sunkist orange juice, or any other brand to subsidize the cost of the service through a sponsored reminder for an entire school or baseball team, in addition to just your family. Kids travel in packs and if for some reason your kid is “off grid” then maybe looking for others in his/her sphere can add another layer of information to help you in the unfortunate circumstance when you cannot locate your child.  This concept seems “interesting” in isolation but insert the notion of social behavior and you have a truly powerful feature.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless for brands in conjunction with service providers.  Consumers don’t mind getting ad’s or having sponsorship mentions if they get something tangible and worthwhile.  What could be more worthwhile for all involved than to work together to protect your kids?