Flipboard’s Brand Magazines Show Success

When Flipboard announced custom magazines earlier this year, no one was sure how successful they’d be. We now know that brands are seeing great success with the custom designs; Flipboard reported that between 10 and 20 percent of users who click on a brand’s magazine end up subscribing to it. What’s more, top brands are seeing readers access between 20 and 40 pages of content per visit. Some brands, like Levi’s, are using the magazine as more of a catalogue, while others aggregate articles and other content from around the web. No matter how the magazine is designed, brand magazines are reporting an advertisement click through rate of 3 percent, which is orders of magnitude greater than digital ad click through rates, which are reported at less than 0.1 percent. Users who really like an ad can even flip it into their own magazines. Flipboard is doing its best to prove that it’s an important advertising medium that should be noticed, and with those numbers it seems as though they have the substance to back their claims.