Twitter To Debut ‘See It’ Cards

Between Nielsen ratings and instant replay partnerships, Twitter has been making overt attempts to cozy up to the TV industry. It’s latest move could see its biggest payoff yet: it’s a broad deal with Comcast that aims to turn Twitter itself into a TV-watching service. It’s a bold move, but it’s actually incredibly simple. This fall, users will see a “See It” button on tweets about Comcast-owned, NBC Universal shows. Clicking on the button will open a “card” with more information about the shows, and paid Comcast users will be able to record or watch the show directly from their phones. For a company that is trying very hard to prove that it drives views, this new deal will allow the social network to prove itself very tangibly. As it stands, Twitter is the only social partner to make a move of this nature, but if it comes off, it could mean a whole different level of social engagement and interaction.