CES 2014: LGs webOS To Make Smart TVs Simple

Find yourself using Smart TV software and generally the experience is pretty poor. From clunky UIs to a lack of content, many users have found reasons to not even connect them (actually a staggering 1/3 of owners). LG is aiming to change that with its new webOS interface on its new line of smart TVs. With a simple, card-based design, the new platform utilizes LG’s Wii-like remote to let users point and click on apps to bring up uniform content cards. In practice, it looks like a simple line on the bottom of the screen, with options to click into past apps, or the LG app store to purchase new forms of content. The idea is to simplify the experience that, for many users, has become cluttered and overbearing. LG wants an intuitive, easily accessible, app-based content-first system, and with webOS it appears to have satisfied those requirements.

Beyond UI, content will also be crucial for adoption.  LG was quick to mention its partnership with Netflix which will be one of the first major content providers to offer 4K content to TVs beginning with House of Cards.  With the price point in 4K TVs dropping to $1,000, they may actually reach a living room near you in the next few years.