LinkedIn Rolls Out Content Platform To Elevate Brands

What Happened
LinkedIn has started rolling out its content curation platform Elevate, designed to give company employees a professional platform to share content relevant to their interests and advocate for their employers. Along with the wide roll-out, the professional social network has also improved their audience analytics tools, allowing users to track their reader demographics in order to better understand who’s engaging with their content. LinkedIn first announced Elevate in April, and its early partners included Visa, Unilever and CEB Global.

What Brands Need To Do
Compared to the myriad of other content platforms available, Elevate benefits from a very specific focus that makes it stand out for brands, as it helps enterprises turn their employees into brand ambassadors. Content curated and shared by real employees could also add authenticity and credibility to the companies in terms of expertise and thought leadership. Therefore, companies, especially those in B2B industries, should consider encouraging their employees to try out this content platform and actively advocate for their brands.


Source: AdAge