Welcome to the Lab’s coverage of CES 2024, available exclusively to Mediabrands clients and agency teams.

As always, the entire IPG Media Lab team was in Las Vegas, pounding the show floors to bring you the noteworthy exhibitors and must-see innovations. While we did encounter the world’s first AI-powered office chair, there were plenty of products and announcements from the show floor that will fuel meaningful innovation in 2024 and beyond, like new ways to experience live entertainment, innovative display technologies, and advancements in mobility.

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CES Kickoff & Session Overview

by Adam Simon, IPG Media Lab

A look into the macro trends emerging from the CES show floor and how they’ll impact brands and consumers over the course of 2024.


The Future of Entertainment & Media

by Richard Yao, IPG Media Lab

CES is a launch pad for emerging media of all stripes. Explore how evolving technology opens new doors for brands in every category.


MAGNA Ten Trends to Watch

by Dani Benowitz, MAGNA

Hear how the post-pandemic era has impacted behaviors and priorities for brands, media companies and consumers alike, and the collective implications on the 2024 ad market.


The Future of Health & Wellness

by Ryan Miller, IPG Media Lab

A look at how health and wellness brands can leverage innovative health devices to deepen their consumer relationships.


The Future of Mobility

by Josh Mallalieu, IPG Media Lab

Highlighting disruptive car announcements from the show floor and discuss their implications for OEMs and delivery logistics.


The Future of Luxury

by Chelsea Freitas, IPG Media Lab

Covering the shifting consumer mindset around luxury consumption and how it is driving disruption for both premium and accessible luxury brands.


The Future of the At-Home Economy

by Katy Geisreiter, IPG Media Lab

Join us for a look at the smart home and IOT devices & platforms featured at CES, and how brands can use them to reach consumers.


The Future of Play

by Tom Trudeau, IPG Media Lab

An in-depth exploration of the state of play, covering key trends in gaming, toy, and shifting parental priorities.


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