Samba TV Acquires Machine Learning Software

Samba TV has acquired Filmaster, a startup based in Warsaw, Poland composed mostly of Data Scientists and developers or Artificial Intelligence software. Described as a service that offers content recommendations using “its own proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms”, Filmaster will help boost Samba’s “capabilities in content recommendations and marketing automation”, per Samba TV’s press release.

As the world’s leading provider of Smart TV applications, Samba TV will soon begin incorporating Filmaster’s technology in its software so as to improve the relevance of cross-screen advertising, as Samba TV’s platform is monetized by brand sponsorships. Back in April, the Lab led our parent company Interpublic Group to invest in Samba TV, and we are excited to see what this acquisition may bring for them.

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IPG Media Lab Leads Interpublic’s Investment In Samba TV

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Led by IPG Media Lab’s advisement, Interpublic Group (IPG) is taking a minority stake in Samba TV, a startup that specializes in advanced TV analytics. Following the announcement this morning, IPG looks to leverage Samba TV’s technology into actionable insights from audience behaviors, thereby developing more effective strategies for clients. “We’re always looking to fill the hole and find new opportunities to measure what was previously unmeasurable,” said Chad Stoller, a managing partner of the Lab.

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CW Network Comes To Apple TV

CW Network has announced that it will be delivering a dedicated app to the Apple TV ecosystem, allowing users to access their content directly through the set-top box. This marks a big shift in terms of traditional TV programming entering the connected TV space. The enhanced interactivity on these platforms creates plenty of opportunities to innovate, without the need for second screen programs. Content will be available a day after the TV broadcast and will be ad-supported.

HBO Go To Stream Live Sports By Year End

One of the major downsides to advanced TV platforms has been the lack of live programming, specifically around sports games and other tentpole events like the Oscars. The real-time nature of these programs is paramount and is often not available from players like Roku or Xbox. Yet, recent news indicates that this may no longer be the case.

HBO Go has announced that they will offer live sports streaming by the year end. HBO Go has already been a colossal success and this new feature would likely make it an even more attractive offer. Currently, live streaming has been offered by cable networks for large events like NBC Olympic coverage, but HBO and others providers are expanding this online model to more regular programming as well.

The new television ecosystem

The new television ecosystem (iStock)Franklin Delano Roosevelt once stated: “Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But, by all means, try something.” These words ring true when looking at the current television ecosystem which has been recently stirred by the shift in television and film content consumption.

Viewers are experiencing content in new ways and on new devices. In addition to their living room television set, they are turning to their computers and mobile phones to watch television shows and movies. They are rapidly rejecting appointment-based, linear programming structured around channels. They want everything on-demand, on their terms. This shift in television content consumption has forced the entertainment marketplace into two camps. On one side stand companies that are willing to adapt, try new methods and meet consumers’ demands. On the other side lie those who remain stagnant and are struggling to hold onto a model that is quickly slipping away.

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