iWork For iCloud Beta Goes Public

Apple announced that its iWork Beta in the iCloud is publicly available. Initially, only developers had access for the service, but now any user with an Apple ID can test iWork ahead of the official fall launch. Apple, now deep in battle with Google and Microsoft in cloud applications, announced the service this June at the WWDC event, noting that the iCloud-enabled suite would support previously native-only apps like Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, allowing for Google Drive-like functionality across platforms. iWork for iCloud apps work with Safari 6.0.3 and later, Chrome 27.0.1 and later, and IE 9.0.8 and later. Life on the cloud continues to expand, and this is another big step in that direction.  

Facebook Tests “Self-Destructible” Messages

Have you ever wanted to send lewd pics on Facebook, but worry about them getting into the wrong hands? Now your fears may be over as Facebook has begun testing a messaging app that supports impermanent photo sharing. Similar to popular mobile app, Snapchat, the photo messages will automatically delete in a matter of seconds. Facebook’s latest experiment represents a move toward more intimate one-to-one communications that’s definitely got our attention.