Snapchat Invades Homescreen With New Bitmoji Widgets

What Happened
Snapchat is trying a new way to make its service easily accessible for Snap-addicted users. The latest update of the popular messaging app, for both iOS and Android, comes with a new Bitmoji widget. Users who opt to activate the widget will get a panel of Bitmojis –  personalized avatars that users can customize based on their appearances – representing their most frequently “snapped” friends, which they can start chatting with by simply tapping on one of the Bitmojis. On iOS, this shortcut widget is accessible from the “Today” view in Notification Center, which can be pulled down from homescreen or the lock screen. while on Android it’s a homescreen widget.

What Brands Need To Do
This new addition comes as Snapchat puts an increased focus on private messaging, and the shortcut access may just help it encourages more off-the-cuff sharing among users. By creating Bitmoji-based buttons for each friend, Snapchat is able to customize the shortcuts and put some friendly faces on them, literally. All brands looking to connect with mobile customers can learn a thing or two from Snapchat’s personalized approach and apply it to offering customers easy access to products and services. For example, a travel brand should consider creating an app widget that enables travellers to check for flight and hotel availabilities with the destination and airline selections customized based on their profile or most recent searches.


Source: TechCrunch