Major Publishers Join Blis’ New Location-Based Programmatic Platform

What Happened
London-based location data company Blis unveiled its private programmatic marketplace Blis Prime on Tuesday at the Cannes Lions Festival. Designed to help brand advertisers ensure their ads are geographically relevant to their audience, the new product will supply advertisers with performance data, measured by analytics firm Moat, to determine whether their ads are being served in the right places, at the right times, and viewed by real humans. Condé Nast, The Times, and Forbes are among launch partners for this programmatic platform.

What Brands Need To Do
Location-based ads are very useful for businesses to target local consumers with relevant messages and drive store visits. With more and more people consuming digital content on mobile devices, it is imperative that brands advertising on mobile take context into consideration as well. In that regard, brands may find it beneficial to explore this new platform and see how it can help boost ad effectiveness.

Location-based mobile advertising was also a hot topic we encountered at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, which you can read more about here.


Source: AdWeek