Can You Guess This Week’s Two Top Emerging Media Channels?

With the proliferation of OTT and mobile devices, new emerging media channels are popping up every week. This week, that honor goes to GoPro and Snapchat.

Wearable camera-maker GoPro has always been a pro at content marketing, as evidence by their über-popular YouTube channel with over 2.7 million subscribers. Other existing distribution partners of GoPro include Microsoft Xbox, LG, and Virgin America. Now, GoPro is making another big step in becoming a media channel and content provider by launching its own Roku channel dedicated to sports and action videos shot with its cameras.

Meanwhile, messaging app Snapchat continues to make strides towards becoming a full-fledged media channel. Following its announcement that it is experimenting with original content last week, Snapchat scored the exclusive premiere of the newest music video from Madonna, the first established artist to debut content on the messaging app.

Any brand with a sizable audience can try their hands at becoming a media channel, either by partnering up with existing distributors, as is the case with GoPro, or building out on their own like Snapchat. But in the end, only the ones with great content will win out.

Why Dark Social Matters To Brands

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Dark social refers to sharing activity that falls outside traditional ad measurement and analytics—mostly, the content shares that happened on texting, e-mails, and most recently, via various messaging apps. According to a recent Radium One study, 59% of all online sharing is done via dark social channels.

To get a more complete picture of their audience, therefore, it is important that brands consider what integration options are available from social communication providers themselves. Making use of the data and analytics available without compromising users’ privacy and security, and aligning insights with existing analytics, is a good way to conquer the oft-neglected “dark side”.

Vimeo Debuts New VOD Network For Web Publishers

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Vimeo is rolling out a new Vimeo On Demand Publisher Network, a collection of websites that will use Vimeo’s technology to build custom video-on-demand libraries for online publishers. Early partners include The Atlantic, CBS Interactive, and TEN: The Enthusiast Network, who will also employ Vimeo’s payment system, which enable video rental or purchase.

Why Reddit Is Diving Into Podcast

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Thanks to the viral popularity of Serial, podcasting has been enjoying a revival as a digital medium as of late, and several brands have been reaching out to its newfound audience. The latest to get onboard is Reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet, with an official podcast named Upvoted that discusses popular Reddit posts. Whether they can successfully turn the random musings and personal anecdotes that dominate Reddit into captivating audio storytelling remains to be seen, or rather, heard.


Oscar Mayer Launches Bacon App

Oscar Mayer debuted a new experiential campaign to give bacon lovers the chance to wake up to the sound and smell of bacon in the morning. Called “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon,” the app is a combination phone app and iPhone dongle that completely takes over the phone’s alarm: the dongle plugs into the headphone jack to release bacon smell when the alarm sounds. Fans won’t be able to purchase the device, however; Oscar Mayer is only making a limited number of dongles, and fans apply for a chance to win one by taking a quiz on Oscar Mayer’s website. The contest runs through April 4th, and is another example of creative, experiential design creating a buzzworthy concept working well for brands. 

Facebook marketing boot camp

Facebook marketing camp This month the Lab attended a kind of Facebook marketing boot camp, where members of the Facebook team guided us on best practices for integrating Facebook within brand marketing plans. The opportunity is much larger then capturing a portion of the 250 million Facebook users as customers; it’s also a prospect for new ways to be innovative in our marketing.

Most of the conversation of the day centered around two ways you can use Facebook to market your brand: engagement ads and Facebook pages. But the team did talk a bit about what’s new on the popular site. For instance, they are starting to put demographic and geographic targeting into action: Targeting keywords from status updates and users birthdays are new features.

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