AT&T Plans To Launch A Mobile Content App

What Happened
Following Verizon’s Go90, AT&T wants to become the next telecom carrier to launch a mobile app with ad-supported entertainment content, according to chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson. Moreover, AT&T is also looking to create more original content for DirecTV and mobile.

Market Impact
Just as Verizon looks to leverage its vast amount of customer data to sell ads in Go90, with some help from AOL’s ad networks, AT&T’s entry into the content market will also provide brands with a new video channel to reach a millennial mobile audience that are usually not buyable on subscription-based streaming services, targeting them with video ads based on demographic and behavioral consumer data.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Why AT&T Wants DirecTV

AT&T has been in talks to acquire DirecTV for a while now. And considering the continuous rise of OTT services, it makes sense that a major telecom company like AT&T would take interest DirecTV’s subscribers. But that’s not the only reason that AT&T is going after DirectTV—reportedly the negotiation is also heavily depending on the “NFL Sunday Ticket” that DirecTV offers football fans. In this era of time-shifted viewing, live sport is practically the only dependable rating performer left. And now, with 99% of DirecTV’s stakeholders on board, it looks like AT&T may be able to have its OTT cake and eat it, too.

Newest Development In Targeted Advertising: Political Ads

In the upcoming election, you might just get served with targeted political ads based on whether you lean left or right. Both parties are reportedly utilizing a new TV ad targeting system from DirecTV and Dish that takes advantage of public voter records to put personalized campaign ads on their DVRs at the household level. This new ad program promises to deliver a customized audience for statewide races and issue-based campaigns. 

DirecTV Invests in FreeWheel, Monetizes Online Content

DirecTV is making big moves towards the standardization of monetized online video content.  This week they announced their strategic investment in video ad company FreeWheel in an effort to improve monetization of its new digital platforms. FreeWheel dynamically inserts ads in on-demand and live video streams, and has already been used by such big names as AOL, ESPN, FOX, NBC and VEVO.  They also provide monetization rights management technology, ensuring the right content providers are paid for the monetization of their streamed shows.