YouTube Is Ready To Compete With Twitch Directly

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Last year, YouTube was set to acquire Twitch for $1 billion, but that deal fell through, and the live-streaming site was eventually bought by Amazon.  Now it looks like YouTube is ready to compete directly with Twitch in the increasingly popular arena of e-sports streaming with their own gaming-focused, live-streaming service, which will reportedly be unveiled in June at the E3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles. As e-sports and live-streaming continue to gain traction, it’s no wonder that Google doesn’t want to be left behind.

Britain To Get Its First Dedicated eSports Arena

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Earlier this year, we witnessed eSports’ transition back into the physical space at the ESL One Championship held at Madison Square Garden Theater. Now the UK is reportedly getting its first-ever dedicated venue for hosting competitive gaming matches in London next year. Gfinity, a league organiser for multiplayer games says the new arena will accommodate up to 500 spectators once completed.