AppLovin To Serve In-App Ads In tvOS With New SDK

What Happened
Mobile advertising firm AppLovin is ready to tackle in-app ads on the new Apple TV, which officially launched two weeks ago. So far, Apple TV ads have been limited to video pre-rolls on ad-supported services like Hulu. AppLovin aims to bring in-app ads to tvOS with a new SDK, set to be released in the coming weeks.

What Brands Need To Do
The current rankings in Apple TV’s App Store indicates that games are among the most popular apps in tvOS at the moment, and the absence of iAd support in tvOS so far has made it difficult for app developers to monetize. A third-party ad network by AppLovin could solve that predicament and encourage more developers to work on Apple TV apps. For brands looking to try their hands at advertising on the new Apple TV, AppLovin’s upcoming SDK should provide a good starting point.


Source: The Next Web