Hulu Opens Up To Programmatic Ads With Help From Facebook And Oracle

What Happened
On Tuesday, Hulu announced it will begin selling ads programmatically across its platforms on desktop, mobile and connected TVs with the help of Facebook’s ad exchange system LiveRail and the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP). This marks the first time Hulu’s inventory will be available for programmatic buying.

What Brands Should Do
As Hulu goes programmatic, it should become much easier for brands to reach the right audience segments with the vast user data that Facebook holds. Moreover, with access to Oracle DMP, advertisers will be able to combine their first-party data with third-party data for ad targeting to offer granular personalization.


Source: MediaPost

Facebook Purchases LiveRail

Facebook continues to build out its video ad platform by purchasing video ad tech company LiveRail. The acquisition means that Facebook users shouldn’t be surprised to see video ads based on your Facebook profile elsewhere across the Internet, as LiveRail is known for tailoring videos very specifically across platforms and sites. Publishers will benefit, as more relevant ads will help them make the most out of all the opportunities that they have across the web, but the creepiness factor might begin to creep in for users as they see the same videos everywhere.