Why Facebook Is Talking With Hollywood About Oculus

Facebook is reportedly in talks with Hollywood executives and directors about creating content specifically for Oculus Rift. Given that most virtual reality headsets are currently developed for immersive gameplay, it is understandable that Facebook would want to explore its potential in providing a new breed of entertainment experiences. Imaginative genres like fantasy, horror, or sci-fi could potentially benefit greatly with the help of virtual reality technology, and new marketing opportunities can be expected to open up accordingly as well.

Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset Revealed

Even though you will have to wait for the IFA 2014 later this year for an official unveiling, a leaked image (via SamMobile) of “Gear VR”, Samsung’s virtual reality headset has already surfaced on the Internet. As a result of the collaboration between Samsung and Oculus VR, Gear VR is still just a peripheral device, unlike Google Glass, that needs to be used in conjunction with your Samsung smartphone. But it certainly helps to expand the realm of wearable tech and contributes to Samsung’s market advantage with its early entry into the world of consumer VR.