Samba TV Acquires Machine Learning Software

Samba TV has acquired Filmaster, a startup based in Warsaw, Poland composed mostly of Data Scientists and developers or Artificial Intelligence software. Described as a service that offers content recommendations using “its own proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms”, Filmaster will help boost Samba’s “capabilities in content recommendations and marketing automation”, per Samba TV’s press release.

As the world’s leading provider of Smart TV applications, Samba TV will soon begin incorporating Filmaster’s technology in its software so as to improve the relevance of cross-screen advertising, as Samba TV’s platform is monetized by brand sponsorships. Back in April, the Lab led our parent company Interpublic Group to invest in Samba TV, and we are excited to see what this acquisition may bring for them.

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IPG Media Lab Leads Interpublic’s Investment In Samba TV

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Led by IPG Media Lab’s advisement, Interpublic Group (IPG) is taking a minority stake in Samba TV, a startup that specializes in advanced TV analytics. Following the announcement this morning, IPG looks to leverage Samba TV’s technology into actionable insights from audience behaviors, thereby developing more effective strategies for clients. “We’re always looking to fill the hole and find new opportunities to measure what was previously unmeasurable,” said Chad Stoller, a managing partner of the Lab.

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CES 2015: Five Booths To See At C Space

CES 2015 is big: the Las Vegas Convention Center seems to stretch for miles, and, well, it does. And as “it” categories like wearables and the Internet of Things gained in popularity, CES has expanded to new locations. This year, a third location has opened: C Space at the Aria, which is the dedicated headquarters for marketers, content fiends, social scouts, and ad tech and TV.

Five booths to see

  • BrightLine: Smart TV ad solutions that bring TV ads into the 21st century. Booth CS-4.
  • Samba TV: Samba TV’s advanced automated content recognition technology is forging a more insightful and more impactful relationship between TV and mobile. Booth CS-2.
  • The Onion: Not just the Web’s best satire publication, The Onion is an innovative and rapidly expanding publisher with an eye for interesting ad solutions. Booth CS-1.
  • TubeMogul: Specializing in programmatic, TubeMogul is on the forefront of digital ads. It’s also the only digital programmatic company to date that is publicly traded. Booth CS-3.
  • Watchwith: Operating in the second-screen universe, Watchwith will be implementing a very interesting integration — Syfy’s new 12 Monkeys TV series will sync with Philips Hue connected lighting via its technology. Booth CS-8.