8 strategies for reaching eco-minded customers

Reaching eco-savvy customers online (iStock)The green marketing space is exploding with new opportunities for brands to make their mark. And it’s no surprise why: According to a study released by Strategic Oxygen, GCI Group and Cohn & Wolfe more than 70 percent of global respondents said they “probably” or “definitely” would increase their preference for a brand’s green products if they were convinced of the positive impact on the environment and business. Almost 60% said they would expect to pay a premium for green products.

Brands that ignore the move towards greener practices (or exaggerate their sustainability efforts) do so at their own peril. Increasing numbers of watch dog sites such as the “Green Washing Index” evaluate brands’ environmental marketing campaigns for their authenticity.

But how exactly can brands participate in the “green” conversation online, showcase their sustainable efforts and products, and drive traffic to their online sites and physical stores in this space? Continue reading “8 strategies for reaching eco-minded customers”