Event Recap: WeWork Labs Med-Tech Demo Day

The past month has been a busy one for the IPG Media Lab. Despite the behind-the-scene activities, the Lab managed to attend Tuesday’s WeWork Labs Med-Tech Demo Day. The demo day was a Shark Tank-style event led by Merck’s own Jaime Melendez along with leaders from Sharecare, Sherpaa, and Milestone Venture Partners. The event also featured six of New York’s most exciting medical-tech startups:

  • Develop Link: is a data-driven platform providing healthcare infrastructure to developing worlds.
  • Healogram: is simplifying healthcare monitoring through more efficient recovery tracking and analytics.  
  • Motesque: is tracking daily movement to better prevent and diagnose injuries. 
  • DICOM Grid: is a diagnostic imaging management and exchange.
  • Healthify: is building healthcare infrastructure for vulnerable populations.
  • Voyager Med: is connecting patients to medical providers around the US.

Each presenter only had three minutes to pitch their business, followed by a four-minute Q&A. In classic fashion the judges were relentless, firing questions to learn more about their growth strategy, business model, defensibility, current challenges, etc. When the dust settled, both Develop Link and Healogram emerged as winners by the judges’ votes.

At the end of the day, The WeWork Labs Med-Tech Demo Day was an extremely successful event. The presenters had opportunity to pitch to thought leaders within the Med-Tech community, and the audience learned about exciting advancements in the medical industry and how it’s reshaping the paradigm of traditional medical care.

Event Recap: WeWork Labs Demo Night

IPG Media Lab attended the WeWork Labs Demo Night on Tuesday, hearing from startups from diverse industries. Our favorites included:
  • Welzoo: Allows users to raise money for their favorite non-profit just by opening their browsers.
  • Deeplink: Enables marketers to enhance their email and mobile campaigns by driving users to specific products, sales, or content within installed apps after users interact with the ad.
  • PurpleSun inc.: Harnesses the power of existing UVC light technology to power the fastest and most efficient decontamination process for healthcare facilities.

Event Recap: WeWork Labs Demo Day

Wednesday’s WeWork Demo Night was all about fashion tech. Judges from BuzzFeed Style, Woodies Clothing, College Fashionista and FirstMark Capital reviewed pitches, and picked ladies’ performance undergarment stars Dear Kate as the winner.

The popular vote disagreed, though, and chose Pradux, a solution that enables the purchase of products as worn on popular shows. Pradux is particularly interesting for its marketing implications, as it’s part of a suite of new technology and partnerships that could possibly crack open the long-dormant t-commerce space.

Also worth checking out: LookBooker, an Australia-via-Manhattan startup that’s a bit like Seamless for salons. They enable booking appointments at preferred hair and beauty shops. It’s a no-brainer, which is why the company has already achieved significant reach in Singapore.

Rounding out the night were some e-commerce plays that may have limited impact. Brayola is an Israeli bra aggregator site, dipping into a field (online bra perfection) currently owned by True&Co. Ace & Everett sells boutique socks, while Teddy Stratford is trying to argue that men’s shirts fit better with a zipper underneath. Another good evening at WeWork — though better-dressed than usual.