YouTube Brings Live Video Broadcasting to Mobile

What Happened
Following major news from both Twitter and Facebook in regards to their live-streaming products, YouTube announced on Friday that it is bringing YouTube Live to mobile. The updated YouTube apps, both on iOS and Android, allow users to start and view live broadcasts on their mobile devices, complete with scrolling live comments a la Periscope. The feature is currently available to select partners such as SacconeJolys and The Young Turks with plans to roll out to all users soon.

What Brands Need To Do
As more and more people opt to consume digital video on their mobile devices, it makes sense that YouTube finally transplanted their live video product to its mobile apps. While YouTube lacks the social platforms that Facebook Live and Periscope can leverage to amass viewers, it makes up for it with its homegrown stars and massive reach as the de facto destination for digital video. For brands, this update levels the playfield among the competing live-streaming services and gives them a good reason to try out YouTube.


Source: Business Insider