Part of the Interpublic network, the IPG Media Lab identifies and researches innovations and trends that will change the media landscape and how brands engage with their audiences. Since 2006, the Lab has worked with our clients and with industry partners who can help them best adapt to disruptive change. Our expertise, resources and consulting services also help to inform the learnings, strategies and business outcomes of all Interpublic agencies.

A Focus on Media Futures

Guided by a forward-thinking perspective, the Lab team is deeply passionate about the emerging technology and media platforms. Our singular focus on research and strategy for media futures enables us to analyze the latest data and developments in emerging media and interpret them for brands.

The Partners Creating Change

Brands need to work media and technology partners to tap into the future of media, and the Lab is here to make the right connections that create magic. Through a finely tuned vetting process, the Lab team organizes their findings, manages introductions and most importantly, recommends these partners to solve client challenges or bring forward new opportunities.

Full Integration

We work with agencies across the IPG family to ensure that every team is up to speed with the latest happenings and opportunities in emerging media so they can better serve their clients and future-proof their marketing plans. It is our goal to inspire our sibling agencies to find innovative solutions to marketing challenges.

You can reach us via all major social media or email our Managing Director, Adam Simon ([email protected]).