Amazon Debuts First Live Show With Shoppable Content

What Happened
Amazon is set to launch its first live programming today as the ecommerce giant pushes deeper into original content development. The show, titled Style Code Live, features a trio of YouTube stars and reality TV personalities on a QVC-like set where they talk about fashion trends, give make-up advice, and, of course, plug select products. Viewers will be able to buy the corresponding products from a carousel under the video player. The half-hour show airs live every weekday at 9PM ET, which puts it in direct competition with primetime TV programs. All previous episodes will also be available for streaming for free on Amazon’s site, no Prime membership required.

What Fashion And Beauty Brands Need To Do
Amazon has yet to reveal which brands will be featured on the show, but it seems safe to assume that the company will feature items from its own private fashion labels like Scout + Ro and Franklin Tailored. Amazon reportedly stands to make as high as a 40% profit margin on apparel, but only 15% of Amazon’s customers ever buy clothing and accessories on the site. So it makes perfect sense for Amazon to launch this live show to give its apparel products a strong push. For fashion and beauty brands, this live show presents a great new opportunity to get their products in front of online viewers with a better discovery mechanism and encourage purchases right on Amazon’s site.

With viewers moving away from linear TV to OTT viewing, the proliferation of streaming content is giving brands more opportunities than ever to be discovered by new audiences. To learn more about how brands can reach viewers on OTT platforms with branded or sponsored content, check out the Appified TV section in our Outlook 2016.


Source: Variety