Quantified Self Takes Center Stage

The New York Times published a piece this morning about the various options for keeping track of personal health, encompassing the trend known as Quantified Self. The article covered the technological specs of Jawbone’s Up and FitBit’s Flex, ultimately settling on the Flex as the best choice because of its Bluetooth connection. Though the article was more cursory than all-encompassing, it’s important to note that the Quantified Self movement is reaching mainstream adoption, and is continuing to expand with new devices and platforms. 

CES Health And Fitness Trends

Health and fitness innovation is poised for major growth at CES 2013. We’ve seen wearable devices like Nike Fuelband and Fitbit take off and we anticipate more companies will get in the mix at this year’s show. Actually, over 220 to be exact. From measuring glucose levels to REM sleep, the amount of trackable data seems endless and marketers can certainly benefit from reaching health enthusiasts on these platforms.