How Warner Bros. Is Promoting Mad Max With Free Uber Rides

What Happened
Warner Bros has teamed up with Uber to promote the upcoming launch of its Mad Max video game – and the franchise in general – with free, post-apocalypse-themed rides in Seattle. For a limited time this week, Uber users can opt to hail a Mad Max-themed ride with elaborately costumed drivers for a trip anywhere in downtown area of Seattle.

What Brands Should Do
Although Uber is no stranger to stunt marketing, this new effort marks the first time a media company has tapped the ride-hailing app to provide interested consumers with a branded experience, whereas previously brands mostly teams up with Uber for delivery and logistical solutions.  As Uber expands its reach into new territories such as food delivery and ecommerce, so should brands when it comes to creatively using Uber’s road presence as a marketing asset.


Source: The Verge

Header image courtesy of Uber Seattle’s Twitter