Location-Based Music Video

 This is rather old news, but I was going through some of my old links today and found it hiding among them.  Hope everyone finds it as interesting as I do.

Two students at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany, have creaated a music video that modifies itself based upon the location of the viewer. The application grabs the viewers IP address and then, using a service that plots the user’s network location, queries local weather stations for information on the wind direction and speed, the temperature, weather, pollen count, sunrise and sunset times and the local time.

The application then uses this information to affect four different aspects of the video:

  • The type of plants, their quantity, color, scale and rotation (this is affected by temperature, wind speed and pollen count)
  • The background color, brightness and saturation (affected by pollen count, weather conditions, temperature, and the local time)
  • The direction and speed of clouds, as well as their scale, quantity and design (affected by wind direction & speed, temperature and weather conditions)
  • The type of rain, snow or pollen animation, its direction of movement, velocity, quantity and snowflake design (affected by weather conditions, wind direction and speed, and temperature)

More information about the video is available here.