Virgin’s In-Flight SMS Answering Service

Virgin Atlantic Airways is going to start offering an in-flight, text message answering service on its flights. You won’t be able to text all your friends, but you will get to ask the answering service any question you want:

“It’s a great way to ask for a recommended bar in New York, what’s the best way to get over jet-lag, or what’s the best way to chat up the cabin crew,” a Virgin spokeswoman said.

The questions will be fielded to what I suppose is some sort of text-message call center (a “text center”?) that will reply with the answer to your question.

I love the idea of people texting in, asking how to keep that guy next to them from leaning on their shoulder when napping or what the best way is to hit on the cute girl across the aisle. I’d probably spend the whole flight amusing myself by asking questions like, “how many angels fit on the head of a pin?” and “Which is better, pirates or ninjas?”