Big Media and GooTube

2 weeks ago I was getting the vibe that heat the record labels were getting from partners who pay them to get access to their music videos was going to force them to sue YouTube.  Over a quarter of the most popular content on YouTube are music videos for which the labels were not compensated:

The announcement of strategic partnerships with Universal, Sony, and CBS seem to indicate that some of the Big Media companies have decided to keep their powder dry for the time being before squashing it a la Napster. 

I don't have all the details on the terms of the deals but my basic understanding is:

  • They are short term, 2 years
  • They require YouTube to use the best available filtering technology on the market like:
  • The companies will be notified when their copyrighted material is found and then given the opportunity to remove it or share any ad revenue generated by that content.
  • In exchange, the media companies will directly provide more video content directly to YouTube.

There are countless others who could still claim GooTube was infringing on their likeness or copyright.  However, if GooTube can find a way to help them make money then all sins will be forgotten.