One Week of Wii — User-Generated Nintendo Enthusiasm

 Shamelessly Borrowed from Joystiq

It’s Monday morning and the big game console launch weekend is done. And while some video game consoles left gunshot victims, broken escalators and the ire of a Bostonian mayor in their wake, an interesting little piece of user-generated promotion for the Nintendo Wii has appeared on Xanga.

A criminal justice graduate from Cal State Fullerton named Yoshi is devoting one week of his life to playing Wii, stopping only to update his blog, use the bathroom and to get about four hours of sleep each night. He’s even got a streaming video feed so that you can watch him the whole time, if you’re so inclined. And all for something that sounds like a juvenile name for bodily functions. Now that’s brand enthusiasm right there.

The poor guy is on day two, he’s gotten a total of seven hours of sleep over the last three days (I’m guessing because his enthusiasm got the better of him and he jumped the gun on the beginning of the week), and he’s writing about which games are easy to play using the Wii controller when you’re trying to eat at the same time. Sure, it’s not the same caliber of user-generated content that, you know, results when you take pictures of yourself in compromising positions with your console and then post it on eBay, but we can’t all be a Da Vinci.

And, yeah, I know. This whole thing sounds very much like Nissan’s “7 Days in a Sentra” or even a little like Wal-Mart’s controversial “Wal-Marting across America.” Of course, those were sponsored and this is just some crazy kid. Which do you think will be more successful?

(Image shamelessly borrowed from Joystiq.)