Returning Road Warrier – New Links to Explore

One of the treats about doing outreach at industry events is learning about new sites, applications, companies and sharing them with the team. Some are beta and won’t last, some have been around and i forgot about them. A few have significantly financially impacted my friends lives…It’s exciting to hear about them and see them take off. I remember about two years ago one of my industry friends whispered to me, ‘Podcasting, its going to be big’…i thought he was talking about a new sport using the pods from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (well, i am a Sci-Fi freak).  

Here’s a list from the last two weeks on the road at CES and Napte.  Have fun and always be willing to explore…

New media post blog    

Radio on your mobile device:  Quickplayer    

Content, Social Networking Site by P&G on yahoo:  Capessa

Studio  in a box for vlogging:   Serious Magic

Send and receive multimedia content on your phone:  Shozu

Move content around directly to all mobile phone users, on any network:    Bango 

P2P Video Broadcasting Solution:   Veoh

Most popular mobile content channel:  HipHop on GoTV

Pepsi Girl Mentos Video

Folder Share  – A file syncronization solution -  Microsoft just acquired  – social networking and collaboration space for the IT community