New MySpace Study

MySpace published a very interesting report this week that contains the results of a study done on 3,000 panelists between the ages of 15 – 40.

Other commentary on this report can be seen here and here, but some of the most interesting results to come out of it were that folks aged 14-29 were as likely to visit a social networking site, if they had 15 minutes of free time, as they would be to talk on their cell phones.

Additionally, it looks like social networking users in general have some pretty interesting characteristics. On average, according to the MySpace study, social networking users spend 2.3 hours more online than non-social networking users, and watch 2.1 less hours per week of television than the norm. They also spend about one more hour per week listening to MP3 players, and at least half an hour more per week talking on their cell phones.

Somewhat surprising, though, is that social networking tends to eat into video games more often than television. A whopping 20 percent of respondents said that they play less video games than before they were involved with social networking, followed closely by the segment of respondents who use less Internet messaging and watch less television (both at 16 percent).

All in all, the study presents a pretty fascinating look at the average MySpace user. It’s been criticized as being a little MySpace-centric by other bloggers, but take a gander and tell us what you think.