Women Play Games?

Weird news out of the gaming community today. MediaPost is reporting that more women own gaming consoles than men. According to the recent (somewhat unfortunately named) Denizens of Digitivity survey, some 44 percent of women own gaming consoles, compared with only 39 percent of men.

I suppose this isn’t really weird, all things considered. Somewhere around 76 percent of gamers are heads of household, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Recent reports are suggesting that the opening-day sales of Halo 3 are going to be bigger than the opening day box office for Spiderman 3.

According to Ann Mack, an analyst with JWT that worked on the survey:

“The idea of gaming being just for the 18-34 male set is now out of date. You’re seeing women playing games like ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ and ‘Guitar Hero’ – women under 35 who want to do something fun and social.”