Cool on the DSE floor

DigitalSignatureLG Norm Hitzges, former Dallas Cowboy signed books in Las Vegas while he was physically sitting in Dallas, Texas. A live demonstration of LongPen, a long distance, real-time, real pen and ink writing and signing device. Attendees could chat with and request a personalized message from Mr. Hitzges. An interesting application that would make any venue a destination where fans could interact with their favorite authors, musicians, actors, athletes, performers and other celebrities from anywhere in the world. The rep at the booth said that signatures made with LongPen are legally binding.

LocaModa had a different perspective than anyone on the floor. They focus on connecting digital signage, web, and mobile interactivity.

Two demos, the first one Jumbli, an online game that participants around the globe send text messages competing for the highest score, and is played on Clear Channel’s giant Spectacolor HD screen in Times Square.

Second was an application that linked local venues to their personalized Facebook profile. As you the customer enters to win sweepstakes, request fortune cookie texts, and text comments to the in-venue screen, your activities stream to the location’s Facebook profile. Simultaneously, your friends receive updates on their Facebook profiles of your activities as well. They too can participate in the activities online, enter the same contests, etc. Social Networking in the real world and online all at the same time!

TruMedia Won Digi Award 2008 for Best Product / Service – Face recognition tracking measurement a tiny camera captures information on who looks at the signage, how long, their age adult, child (senior to come), male or female, and ethnicity (2 for now, more to come). The additional PROactive Merchandising feature can interface with content delivery management systems, making it possible to adapt the content in real time based on the viewing audience. More males on Monday, serve up an action movie trailer. On Thursday more females, serve up the romantic comedy.

American Technology – Directional audio sound systems. I have been reading about the technology trend of targeted listeners but had never experienced it before. It really is so much more precise than I had imagined. Stand on the X, crystal clear- full volume, even in a large convention hall. Step one step to the left or right and you don’t hear anything. No sound pollution. The difference was surprising.

Scala! had an effective demonstration of their software management system with a Diva immersive responsive environment. Triggered by customer proximity, a very immersive simulation unfolds as the video of a young man on a beach plays. A heat lamp warms you, the overhead spotlights change color as you browse over different options on the touch screen interface. I admit, the coconut scent and the sprits of cold water on my face as the young man in the video opened a soda, was not very welcomed but did effectually demonstrate the well timed usage of the 3 party devices the software managed. And at the end, a souvenir postcard capturing my surprised reactions automatically printed for a great little take away.