Microsoft and Hyundai-Kia Partner For In-Car Connectivity

HK MAn interesting new development happened yesterday in the telematics space. Microsoft and Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group entered into a long-term agreement to co-develop next-generation in-car infotainment systems based on the Microsoft Auto software platform. What will be particularly interesting is what will come of the Microsoft and Ford “Sync” alliance. Presumably the work being done in this new co-development alliance with H-K will leverage the knowledge that has been gained through the “Sync” experiment. Also, questions remain about what involvement or sharing of technologies will come out of the Hyundai Autonet MediaZen collaboration that has developed voice controlled interfaces.

The first product from this union, which provides voice-controlled connectivity between mobile devices and car entertainment systems, will be introduced in the North American market in 2010. It will further apply to Asian and European markets, and expand into multimedia and navigation devices.