Joining forces with SocialVibe

Social Vibe partners with IPG Emerging Media LabThe public release today surrounding the Emerging Media Lab partnership with SocialVibe caps a six-week negotiating process between SocialVibe founder Joe Marchese and me. It was pretty clear early on that we both saw the value in creating such a partnership and I am glad we can make the announcement. SocialVibe clearly brings a unique vision to online marketers and helps them to leverage the Social space to build brand affinity. The SocialVibe system also helps marketers build relationships directly with individual users of social networks. Through the company’s offerings, users can develop/create personal affinities for their brands. According to Joe, “the offers can take the form of direct financial incentives, merchandise or so-called schwag.” In my conversations with Joe he says, “so far the most successful has been charitable donations.”

Unique to this Lab offering will be preferred pricing across the IPG network, joint SocialVibe and Emerging Media Lab research, as well as work on joint distinctive place in the Lab’s narrative. It also underscores the Lab’s focus on establishing business relationships with partners that speak to emerging and evolutionary technologies. Needless to say, the Lab is glad to be able to bring this offering to all the agencies within the IPG network.