Tuesday’s sexy tech trifecta

(iStock)Starting this week, the Future of Media blog will feature a weekly Tuesday post on the top three sexiest (ok, maybe that’s going a bit far, but the word sexy gets us more clicks) tech stories; Enjoy.

Make way the G1 is here. Google, T-Mobile have presented their first Android smartphone. This is supposed to be a game changing device–both for Google and the mobile world. As the WSJ points out, “Front and center on the handset is a Google search interface.” Check out its features and see if you think it lives up to the hype.

Memory card, meet music. Music, meet memory card. Four record labels and a few large retailers are experimenting with a new way to pedal albums. With CD sales lagging, the hope is “slotMusic” will give consumers a reason to buy a physical product instead of just downloading songs via iTunes or other digital music stores.

The 1 gigabyte microSD cards will hold a full album along with liner notes and cover art, and will be sold in packaging similar to CDs for about the cost of a CD. Check out the concept on slot’s website.

Free PC political game to alleviate election anxiety. For all those of you wringing your hands ahead of the November Presidential election, there’s a new game that will allow you to work through your neurosis in a more productive manner than keying people’s cars who have a McCain or Obama bumper sticker (depending on your political leanings). Wired has surfaced a lite version of The Political Machine where players can:

“…pit Al Gore, inventor of the internet, against George Washington, founder of the nation, as the two politicians plan, scheme and pander their way to the highest office in the land … you have a scant 21 weeks to scramble for endorsements, launch attack ads and drum up support while outmaneuvering your political foes and crisscrossing the United States.”