BerryStore sweetens BlackBerry app market

( applications have been around for some time, but no one has aggregated these apps into a user friendly, stand-alone client for the BlackBerry…until now.

Introducing the BerryStore, a third-party BlackBerry application that aggregates dozens of free, handy applications that can browsed, reviewed, and downloaded directly to your BlackBerry.

Unlike the official BlackBerry Application Center, which is supposed to debut with the much-anticipated BlackBerry Storm, the BerryStore is compatible with all BlackBerrys, both old and new (including the Storm). The BerryStore is also available regardless of carrier (just go to and download the application)–whereas the Application Center, according to some sources, will be individually hosted by carriers and may not be standardized.

Currently, all applications in BerryStore are free, but the company has plans to sell applications in the future. There are about 40 free applications in the store—Citysense, TwitterBerry, and Viigo being some my favorites. Developers can get more information on the BerryStore and how to submit their own apps by clicking here.

I’m curious as to why Blackberry developer Research in Motion (RIM) is so late on the uptake, allowing a third-party application to potentially bite into their market share. If you have any insight, feel free to drop a comment.