DOOH Networks Predict Presidential Winner

MTV MusicFor the last couple of weeks I have had so much fun with a new game on our Ecast jukebox. The short, jib-jab style, whack-a-mole microsite, White House Wallop (play demo) was created by Ecast Network’s creative team to entice bar and restaurant patrons to engage with the interactive touch-screens. For the full effect, listen to a selection from the “Election Songs” playlist and begin play. Pick your candidate, Obama or McCain, then, start bonking the rival candidate with the touch of your finger – make sure you avoid hitting your candidate. I found it funny that in the bonus round, everyone whacks Bush, whether they’re an Obama or McCain supporter. The score leader board shows real-time percentages of where the candidates stand with other fellow Americans. White House Wallop is being played across the entire Ecast network including all 50 states, three territories (Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico) and the District of Columbia (in more than 10,000 venues). With an average of 38,000 plays per week over the last 11 weeks, the current standings are Obama 57%, McCain 43%. Will it predict the outcome of next week’s elections?

According to Forbes, the classroom news network Channel One, it might. Country-wide teens voiced their opinion in “OneVote 2008” a national student mock-election. Since 1992, Channel One’s political poll has accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential race. Kent Haehel Channel One’s CEO explains, “OneVote is a good reflection of conversations taking place at dinner tables across the United States of America.” The kids of America overwhelming picked Barack Obama by 58.5%, a 17 point margin over John McCain at 41.5%.

It will be interesting to see the results; of the election and for the networks. And always, all are welcome to schedule some time in the Lab to whack Bush.