Go, Go Gydget, Go!

Britney Spears' GydgetThe Gydget widget is a small viral application designed for fan use on social networking, and fan-based web sites. Gydgets allow music artists, record labels, and promoters to keep fans updated about event dates, news, and media with a customizable mini-page. These widgets can be placed on sites like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster or any blog site, with tabs for video and RSS. Fans can also promote and share the widget by using the “grab it” feature, enabling friends to copy the same widget for themselves. Gydget also allows artists to collect a fan email list through the “email” feature where users can leave their info.

The music world is not the only industry to benefit from Gydget. Professional sports teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals have also successfully adopted this viral technology as a tool for driving ticket sales.

Gydgets are template-based and easy as pie to use. I’ve accustomed myself to html codes and other what-nots of incorporating new applications and custom features for my own sites, but I have to say that Gydget has been the easiest application I’ve ever handled. I cannot stress enough how quick and simple it is to customize this awesome widget. On the Gydget homepage I clicked the “create your own” button, prepared for a minimum 20 minute process. To my surprise, all I had to do was plug in my url to import my MySpace profile, set preferences for the appearance and-voila! hard work done. And did I mention that there’s no fee to use gydget.com?

In case you think I’m exaggerating over this new toy here, there’s proof that I’m not the only one excited about it. Over fourteen hundred leading recording artists use Gydget to encourage more than 15 million views a month, according to gydget.com’s June press release introducing FanSpace. Gydget teamed up with MySpace earlier this year to launch FanSpace, a communications platform specifically designed for MySpace. It allows fans to search, display and share artist and sports team widgets, increasing exposure while also driving music, ringtone, ticket and merchandise sales. “Gydgets have proven to be a very cost effective way for us to keep our fans up-to-date on upcoming releases and shows,” says Jenny Penny of In De Goot Entertainment.

Let me know what you think about Gydget!