Sexy Tech Trifecta: Yang’s out, mobile is in

(iStock/Sonya Rosas)This week has been full of sexy and controversial items for our weekly Tech Trifecta.

1. Yang ousted by Yahoo board: The big news from the Silicon Valley (other than the fact that Google’s shares dipped below $300, cry me a river) is that Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang finally got his walking papers. In Sam Cooke’s words, it was a long time coming, and hopefully, the internet giant will be better for the wear. A no-nonsense CEO who is more removed from the company’s dysfunctional recent past would be a good start to replacing Yang. Yahoo still has a lot to offer their users and publishers, it just has to get rid of some ineffective managers, focus on making money, and streamlining the massive bureaucracy. In the meantime, keep your eyes on Microsoft’s next move, now that Yang is gone.

2. Mark Cuban accused of inside trading by SEC: It was perhaps inevitable that a personality like Mark Cuban would come under fire for financial dealings; Martha Stewart would not be the last celebrity entrepreneur to knit sweaters in a low security prison. According to, the lawsuit alleges that the Dallas Mavericks owner sold his shares in “after learning the company was going to sell shares below the trading price, crimping his investment.” Cuban denies any wrong doing, calling the SEC’s allegations are a “gross abuse of prosecutorial discretion” on his blog. We’re not passing judgment here, but expect a very public fight from a feisty businessman with a penchant for blogging. The SEC can expect to have its hands full.

3. The “other” MMA announces mobile marketing winners: No, not Mixed Martial Arts, but the Mobile Marketing Association has acknowledged the best in ’08 mobile marketing campaigns. We’re delighted to see the innovation of these cutting edge mobile marketers and hope to see continued development in mobile. Check here for a complete list of winners.