Navteq’s location-aware services come to the Lab

Navteq and IPG Media Lab join forces (Navteq)Today, in conjunction with the start of CES, the IPG Emerging Media Lab and location services provider Navteq announced a formal partnerhsip following months of negotiations. This unique partnership will allow both teams to collectively leverage each others core set of assets.

For Navteq, it provides the company with a branded venue to showcase their unique product sets in both the Lab’s Mobile space and the “in progress” Telematics space. Navteq’s branded space will feature all the latest in mobile devices that leverage realtime mapping/navigation, as well as their current set of personal navigation devices (PNDs). Both will show agencies and brands how to use location-based service (LBS) as part of any digitally integrated campaign. This profile is key for any cutting edge “digital” marketing plan.

For the Lab, the benefits are several fold. The relationship will provide the hundreds and hundreds of visitors, unique access, insight and a direct connection to the key people in Navteq. This access and exposure historically has been a dynamic catalyst for new industry partnerships, agency exposure and most importantly inclusion in brand projects.

Like any strategic relationship, there will be constant upgrading of the product offerings, communication to the agencies of what is new and important. As the velocity of digital activity accelerates, both Navteq and the Lab will be there to provide insight and solutions.