Cloud computing takes us by storm

cloudApril 1, 2009–There’s been a great deal of discussion lately about cloud computing.  However, many people don’t understand what cloud computing really means, what it can do, and why it is so important.  To address these issues, the lab has put together a handy new guide. First though, one needs to understand the ideas behind cloud computing.

About ten years ago, a number of computer engineers realized that they would soon fill the tubes connecting the Internets with things like email spam, viruses, and bittorrents.  Our tubes were going to become sewers.  Something had to be done.

To really understand the brilliance of cloud computing, one needs to take a moment to look up at the sky.  It’s big, it’s blue, and generally speaking it’s empty, except for those big puffy cloud things.  And there’s the opportunity.  Rather than running data through the tubes in the ground, we can run it through the clouds. The best type of cloud computing is Nimbus.  There’s tons of storage, and allows widespread access.

Cumulus is another highly desired cloud computing solution, as it can be densely packed with processing power.  Thin and wispy clouds are less than ideal, and can prove problematic if relied on as primary infrastructure.

However, there are certain obstacles cloud computing needs to rise above.  High winds can prove devastating to cloud arrays.  Also, if clouds become too saturated, data leakage is very likely.  The trick to effective cloud computing is linking in via very high towers, or on mountains.  Also, maintenance of these rigs can be difficult, so finding the right talent is key.  For cloud computing, it’s best to hire Care Bear sys-admins, as their overall performance is unmatched.

It’s time to put the umbrella away – cloud computing is on its way, and here to stay.

…Happy April Fools! Affectionately, the Lab.