The Work Continues

Jack Myers, recently said that 15 years in to the commercial internet revolution it was time to start talking about stability and not disruption. That is why I am excited to accept a new position inside IPG’s Mediabrands running the MAGNAGLOBAL intelligence unit.

If anything, my time at the Lab has shown that there is only an increasing amount of disruptive marketing technology coming to market. Under the capable leadership of Reuben Steiger, the IPG Media Lab will continue to work to curate the most exciting examples of transformational marketing technology.

In addition, the time I was privileged to spend with so many of our top Clients in the Lab also convinced me of their commitment to apply this technology. The industry’s challenge is to keep up with the torrent of technical innovation AND to create the timely business rationale to deploy the technology.

MAGNAGLOBAL was established to apply Wall Street-level analysis to the biggest pool of money we manage – network TV. We will continue to strive to be the smart money at the upfront table but we will also unleash that disciplined analysis on a broader portfolio of global marketing opportunities. We will also work to better understand the marketplace dynamics of our Clients and the latest offerings from our media owner partners.

It is incredibly exciting that the dialogue with our Clients now includes the TV upfront and the latest application of augmented reality in the same breath. Our goal at MAGNA will be to provide the same reliable set of decision making tools to both possibilities.

Thankfully I will continue to get to work closely with the team at the Lab. The technology is definitely cool, but the best part about the Lab is the Labbies that work there. I have never worked with a group that was as fearless when thrust in to ambiguous, high stakes situations. Being given little notice that a major Client is coming in and being expected to sound smart on an esoteric piece of technology in light of the Client’s complex business objectives takes a special kind of person.

Stay tuned for my exciting work to come from the Media Lab and MAGNAGLOBAL!