Postcards are the new 55″ televisions

Cool gadgets are great, and obviously CES will feature lots of them. But while exploring the list of exhibitors, I found these guys: Postcards On The Run. They make an iOS/Android app that creates actual postcards that get sent to your friends, loved ones, or enemies via actual United States Postal Service mail.

Part of why I’m sure I like this is that I have a thing for postcards in general. I collect ones that I like from all the places I travel. I used to have them pasted up on my wall in a big collage. I even have a special subset collection within my collection of airport postcards. Not postcards bought at the airport, postcards that feature the airport. As in, “Greetings from SFO, wish you were here!” But I digress.

Postcards On The Run works like this:

  1. Take picture or select one from your gallery
  2. Enter a caption that gets added to the front of the card overlaying the picture
  3. Select recipient(s) from your address book – no need to enter addresses manually!
  4. Use your finger to handwrite (or type) the message that goes on the back
  5. It costs as low as 99 cents for the service, including postage
Cute video below: