On a clear day you can see Wyoming

Sometimes when I get off a plane I like to look back as I enter the gate area and take note of where the plane I was on is going next. In this case, the next person to sit in my seat will be going to …


Anyway, dear reader, I am pleased to report that I have arrived safely in Las Vegas, NV to join my IPG Media Lab colleagues in covering CES. En route I got caught up on reading Wired Magazine, spending the better part of Michigan -> South Dakota with the December 2011 issue. Things I dog-eared for further research:

Ceiva Digital Photo Frame – integrates with major photo sites and allows your friends to photo bomb you by sending pictures to the frame

Bump.com – apparently lets drivers swap chat messages using  license plate as a unique handle. I wonder how this is supposed to work.

Pepsi’s Social Vending System – soda machine with mobile app integration and social features

Pleo rb robot dinosaur – has lots  of sensors built in. I’m going to be an uncle soon so I need to be on the lookout for this sort of thing.

BitCoin – I really wonder what’s haappening next with theae guys. What if it really is just riding the hype-cycle right now and will take off again one day? Didn’t  previously know about the secrecy surrounding its creation.

Art.sy – Pandora for art. Seems like a neat idea and has got me thinking about other Pandora for ________ ideas.