Foursquare ‘Explores’ Web Version

We at the lab are big fans of Foursquare, so I was interested to see that today Foursquare launched a web version of its Explore feature, allowing users to access place recommendations from desktops or tablets.

The fact that the use of Foursquare is primarily mobile means it has more location-based data than other social media sites that also encourage people to check in, like Facebook.  More personalized data means Foursquare can better recommend places to explore based on check-ins and tips from all of its users.  Putting the Explore feature on the web, in addition to its existing location in the mobile app, gives users another way to interact with Foursquare while allowing the company to compete with recommendation and review services found on sites such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

This launch comes several months after Foursquare revamped the rest of its web-based site, which sees about 1 million visitors per day.  Foursquare’s migration to more thoroughly incorporate the non-mobile web is perhaps the most unique part of their story.  While most companies are scrambling to figure out the ever-evolving world of mobile, Foursquare made its start by diving head first into mobile waters.  Now, with the enhancement of their web presence, they are positioned to make waves there too.  Foursquare’s Alex Rainert says, “we want people to think of Foursquare as a place to store all the things they want to do.”  It looks like we’ll be seeing more enhancements and product launches in the near future.

Sources: ReadWrite Web, Venture Beat