Smell-O-Vision for the 21st Century

Last night, there was a great panel by members of The Marketing Store and our pal David Polinchok of AT&T AdWorks Lab (and founder of the Brand Experience Lab), all about different methods of engaging audiences at a sensory level.  From a simple drinking straw that changes color to a gumball machine that dispenses candy based on twitter hashtag uses, we explored technology to activate all five senses.  Here were my favorites:

NXT audio exciters

NXT audio panel exciters allow for a flat surface to amplify sound – users can play audio on their mobile device and hold it up to the surface/installation for the sound to be amplified for everyone around them to hear.


Powerleap isn”t new to me, but I guess I just forgot it existed!  These panels create about 5 watts of power anytime someone steps on one , which creates great possibilities for powering the lighting or signage in an installation and for tracking steps/behavior patterns within a space.

Touchcode creates printed data tags that don”t require a special reading device, app or hardware modification – just a device with a touch capacitive screen. Consumers place the printed item against the screen of their device to unlock web or app content, which lets you add value to trading, gaming and promotional cards and other print items.