Cool, but perhaps not the best setting for archery

Here at the lab we’re very interested in Microsoft Kinect and all of the possibilities it opens up for marketers. We also keep an eye on its more traditional use, as a peripheral for Xbox. Lately we’ve been fond of the Official 2012 Olympics game, especially the archery event powered by Kinect. I think some of us may actually be good enough at it to try real archery. Maybe?

But I digress. We recently saw an interesting article about Microsoft potentially incorporating Kinect technology into automobiles. Obviously not for playing the Olympics games, but there’s all sorts of interesting things you can do with an inward-facing 3D camera. You can know how many people are in the vehicle and where they’re sitting, you can control things, including media, using gesture and voice. Hopefully this can help reduce distracted driving while broadening the interactive capabilities of reaching people in the in-car environment. So although it may not save our archery score, it might save some lives – or at least be really fun to use.

via Cnet