Is 3D Dead?

This week, the Verge announced the death of 3D at this year’s CES. While the article makes the claim that there is an absence of 3D exhibits on the floor as OLED and 4K TV provide more real benefits, we’re not entirely sold yet. 3D may be dead in its current state, but there are some reasons to be hopeful.

There were plenty of 3D televisions at the show (just see our interview with Stream TV network or Hisense’s 3D TV).  3D gaining mainstream adoption in the living room is probably not going to be this year, but there are certainly improvements to the technology. Further, there are a host of autostereoscopic 3D solutions that do not require glasses that will pick up steam once they improve a few major hiccups like the TVs losing 3D quality when viewing from different angles. Let’s wait and see.